Anime Ichiban

Anime Ichiban 38: New Year’s Brings New Types of Moons

January 4, 2021

A remake of a visual novel over a decade in the making finally makes its reappearance and the panel decides to reminisce about their favorite shows of the year.


0:00 - Introductions and what have we been watching
23:27 - Tsukihime Remake resurfaced and dated
33:45 - Mamoru Hosoda's new movie announcement
43:10 - Comiket related blood donation shortages
46:31 - SHITSUMON! What are our favorite shows of 2020?
1:20:04 - Closing remarks


Intro - "G.P." by Yutaka Yamada (Great Pretender opening theme)
Outro - "Seimeisen" by ReoNa (Tsukihime - A piece of blue glass moon opening theme)

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