Anime Ichiban

Anime Ichiban 37: The New(er) Age of Streaming and CG

December 14, 2020

Now that the acquisition of Crunchyroll by Sony is now official, the crew gives their thoughts on what this potentially means for the anime streaming sphere; Studio Ghibli has released the first trailer for their first CGI film and it is... a trailer; and 2011 had some pretty dang good shows.


0:00 - Introductions
14:19 - Crunchyroll to be purchased by Sony, owners of Funimation
26:26 - Studio Ghibli releases first trailer for its CGI film Earwig and the Witch
40:40 - Hololive ID Generation 2 debuts
43:33 - Mini-SHITSUMON: Can anime announcements and award shows ever reach the fervor that the video game industry does?
53:56 - SHITSUMON! What are the most impactful shows of 2011?
1:28:41 - Closing remarks


Intro - "My Dearest" by Supercell (Guilty Crown opening theme)
Outro - "Magia" by Kalafina (Puella Magi MAdoka Magica ending theme)

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