Anime Ichiban

Anime Ichiban 35: Spooky Scary Anime Send Shivers Down Our Spine

November 1, 2020

Happy Halloween! On this episode, Anime Ichiban delves into some spooky news, like monopolies and yaoi paddles. For the main topic, the gang discusses how horror can be used to elevate storytelling.


0:00 - Introductions and what we've been watching
29:39 - NEWS: Sony posed to purchase Crunchyroll
40:44 - NEWS: Demon Slayer movie smashes records
48:05 - NEWS: Hetalia getting revived with a new series
51:51 - LIGHTNING NEWS: Netflix expanding anime coverage, LiSA topping the charts, ClariS reveals their faces, Steins franchise to get new VN, Mamoru Hosoda's new movie storyboarded, Girl gets her dream date with Godzilla
SHITSUMON! What anime have settings that are a character in and of themselves?
1:03:23 - SHITSUMON! How is horror used to elevate storytelling?
1:33:16 - Closing remarks


Intro - "Higurashi no Naku Koro ni" by Eiko Shimamiya (Higurashi When They Cry opening theme)
Outro - "Kyoumu Densen", by Ali Project (Another opening theme)

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