Anime Ichiban

Anime Ichiban 23: New Decade, Same Questionable Tastes

January 7, 2020

Welcome to 2020! Lots of things have happened in the past few weeks, not the last of which is Hatsune Miku making her Coachella debut. Later, we take a look back at some of our more questionable choices in anime and how on earth we manage to defend them.


0:00 - Introduction and What We've Been Playing
17:46 - Hatsune Miku to Perform at Coachella
25:29 - Crunchyroll's "Most Watched Shows of the Decade"
30:03 - Funimation's Popularity Awards
38:13 - Wages in the Japanese Animation Industry
45:38 - Miki Yoshikawa's New, Fan-Picked Serialization
47:08 - Legal Trouble Brewing for Mangadex
57:02 - Highest Grossing Domestic Anime Films for Japan in 2019
59:33 - What Shows Surprised Us and/or What Shows Do We Enjoy But Have a Hard Time Defending?


Intro - "Dream X Scramble!" by Airi (Keijo!!!!!!!! OP)
Outro - "Lucky☆Orb feat. Hatsune Miku" by emon(Tes.)

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