Anime Ichiban

Anime Ichiban 10: And The Winner Is…!

May 30, 2019

We’re back with the first episode of the New Year to talk about a hodge-podge of news topics that have occurred in the crew’s absence. On top of that all we have the Crunchyroll Awards on the horizon as well as a brand new season of anime to dissect!


0:00 – Introductions and New Years Resolutions
7:50 – New Years News Round-up
30:15 – Rank The Season Blu-Ray Releases
36:25 – Crunchyroll Anime Awards Hopes and Predictions
1:02:12 – Winter Anime Season Shout-outs


Intro – “Kimi no Sei” by the peggies (Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl-senpai opening theme)
Outro – “shadowgraph” by MYTH & ROID (Boogiepop and Others opening theme)

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